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Spellcheck: No Substitute for Proof Reading

July 18, 2008

Technology is moving us closer and closet too a thyme when we know longer need to due anything, we can just set back and bee served.  Butt I am increasingly worried about computer accuracy.  Case in point is spellcheck, the feature of any word processor that automatically checks and corrects(?) errors in hour written documents.  My daughter, the English major and my wife, the ultimate proof reader, have both admonished me to never rely on spellcheck as the soul method of proofing an assay.

Whether ore not you agree is a mute point.  The increase of spelling and grammatical errors is showing up in magazines, newspapers, even on TV. You mite think TV would be exempt from this malady, but as long as subtitles and clothes captioning are a part of the broad cast, their will be errors.  I do knot have this problem because I right very carefully.  But they insist I should still manually reed and check every peace I right.

Last weak I rote about We, the game that stimulates real life.  Their were no mistakes in that peace, sew I don’t know why now they’re is so much concern about checking every single article eye publish.  The people who make soft wear are smarter than I yam, I feel confident letting spell check my work. 

But I regress.  Watt I have learned is that improper grammar is a problem to.  Years ago there was a grammar checker in Word perfect, butt its programming seemed to miss a lots of things, sew I quit using it.  Beside, nobody uses Word perfect anymore any weigh.

The problem with spellcheck seams to be homophones, which are words that sound like each other, like boy and buoy.  Spellcheck does not recognize homophones because its programming was dun by a politically incorrect person who is homophobic and prefers heterophones, like buoy and gull.  But if I were ewe, I would not worry to much about that, unless you are buy lingual.  There’s no knead to worry as long as this grate country continues to tern out quality graduates form our schools and collages. 

(This article was subjected to revue by spellcheck.  It mistakenly tried to correct homophone which, as it terns out, is spelled correctly. It also tried to correct the word “heterophones” which is knot a reel word, it appears hear for comedic porpoises only.  The only other word it tried to correct was “Spellcheck”.)