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Verses 1, 2 and 4

July 8, 2008

I grew up going to church most Sundays.  My parents were not manic about it, like my in-laws were with their kids.  My wife said they were in church “every time the doors were open.”  We went Sunday morning and that was pretty much it until I was a teenager and went to some youth functions in the middle of the week, but that was more social time than church time.  I go regularly now, in fact I am now a minister.  I’m not a pastor, I’m a magician/comedian/evangelist.  Say that fast three times!

Church music is quite varied.  You have the contemporary style, which can be anything from a couple of guitars with an ensemble of singers, to a full-out rock band.  I like contemporary.  Then you have traditional, which is what I grew up with.  Some churches try to blend the two.  I served as an interim music leader at a Baptist church that did blended.  We had a choir, but for the “special” someone would come in with a tape or CD and sing with it.  It usually had guitars, drums, horns, the whole deal.  I never understood why the pastor was okay with that but, when I suggested we bring a set of drums in for the regular music, he threatened to send me packing.  We had a nice mixing board, but the guy doing the sound was 75 with a hearing aid and was hooked up to an oxygen tank.  Now I have nothing against old people, I’m on my way to be one.  But it seems to me the guy running sound should actually be able to hear!  When a CD got near the end and the singer was done, but there was still some instrumental music left, he had this habit of cutting the music off.  Not fade it out, he would just cut it right off.  I always wondered why he didn’t do that with the preacher’s microphone about 12:00 when the football game was starting and the preacher was going long.

Many churches hang on to tradition.  One tradition that seems to have hung on is not to sing all of the verses of a hymn.  Most hymns are written with four verses.  I don’t know if the third verse is not as well written as the others, or if the music leader is anxious to catch the kick-off.  But quite often you will hear the music leader say, “Turn in your hymnals to hymn number 10 ‘How Great Thou Art.’  We’ll sing the first, second and fourth verses.”  I admit there are times I was serving as an interim worship leader and I did it myself.  But what if the rest of the world adopted this practice?  Does leaving the third step out really make a difference?

       Setting Up New Computer

  • Remove all parts from carton
  • Assemble all parts and center in workspace
  • Plug into 120 volt AC power source
  • Push “Power” button  

                Roast Chicken

  • Wash and dry chicken
  • Season with salt and pepper
  • Bake at 350 for 2 hours
  • Serve with dressing or potatoes

               Brain Surgery

  • Shave area of incision
  • Disinfect area with Betadyne
  • Anesthetize patient
  • Cut through skull with bone saw

I don’t know if this raises any red flags with you but, if I ever have to go in for brain surgery, I want to make sure my surgeon goes to a church where they sing all four verses!