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Son of functional weirdo…

May 9, 2008

Actually I would be “father of functional weirdo,” but I like the movie sequel aspect of the title.  I blog, I have blogged, I will blog, but the format on which I blogged previously is no longer in existence, no doubt due partially to my postings.  It is daunting, to say the least, to blog in the shadow of my grad school, english major daughter.  Yet I venture into the fray in the spirit of my previous blogs, which is to rant incessantly about whatever interests me and, hopefully, a handful of others.  I would venture to share a recipe or two, but my daughter has not only posted most of my good ones, she has gone on to surpass me as the culinary expert of the family.  Which is to say, I’m in a rut.  My adoring wife puts up with the predictable, repetitive menu, which has less to do with her forgiving spirit and more to do with her refusal to cook (Says she, “I can cook…I choose not to!).  I stop for now since this initial posting is more about getting into the system than actually saying anything of worth.  I shall return when I actually have something to say.