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Taking Down the Tree

May 17, 2008

hanger endangering my shedThis might sound like a blog for the week after Christmas. But in my case it has to do with taking down an 80 ft. tall pine tree that was threatening my shed and a couple of neighbors’ houses. It started two weeks ago when a neighbor heard a loud crack only to discoverthe boys of Robbie\'s a large hanger looming precariously over my shed.  One good wind could cause some serious damage to the shed and a bigger wind could put the entire tree through someone’s roof. Apparently this tree had been hit by lightning on more than one lower limbs lopped offoccasion, leaving some deep scars on the opposite side, which is why I was not aware of its condition.  This tree has been rotting for several years and was endangering life and property.  So after threats from my neighbor of lawsuit and/or physical harm I did what any prudent homeowner should do, I there goes the topcalled the boys at Robbie’s Tree Service.  Robbie is the scrawny guy in camo that looks like a cross between Barney Fife and ZZ Top.  But at age 53 he can climb a tree like a squirrel and do some damage while up there.

They started by lopping off limbs from the bottom to the there she goestop and carefully lowering them by rope, and I mean carefully since the tree was literally sandwiched between my shed, my pool and my fence. 

There was very little room for error.  But one after another they cut, lowered and loaded limbs until the tree looked like a big lumpy straw sticking high into the air.  Robbie then began to lop off 8′ sections of the trunk and drop them consistently onto a spot between the fence and pool.  It was like watching an artist at work as chunk after chunk hit in virtually the same place.

Then came the climax as Robbie tied a rope to the top of the remaining 40′ of tree, running the rope through a pulley tied off to an adjacent oak tree, which was then tied toBernard loads the debris a Bobcat to provide enough pull to make sure it fell in the right direction.  Cutting a large wedge in the base on the side of the intended fall, he then back-cut the trunk only to have it fall exactly as planned.  I know there may be plenty of guys in this business who do this every day and do it well, but I was amazed at the care and precision these guys showed in their job. 

After dropping the trunk, all that was left was to cut it into manageable pieces and have Bernard pick them up with the Bobcat and load them onto the trailer.  I originally expected this to take all day, but they were done and gone in about five hours.  This might sound a lot like a commercial, but I am one satisfied customer.  And my neighbors will breathe easier tonight knowing that there is no longer any danger of having an 80′ lightning damaged, diseased tree come crashing through their roof and taking out their 60″ plasma TV just as the American Idol winner is about to be announced.  Good job, Robbie!