I Am the Amazing Jimbeaux

Many years of diverse experiences and education have gone into making me what I am today…strange.  I am a magician, musician, comedian, minister, hypnotist, motivational speaker, cook, sportsman and largely confused.  People seem to think I am very entertaining.  Could be why my primary income is as a professional entertainer.  Others think I must have a very hard time making up my mind.  I write because I am opinionated and I think I have something to say.  Hopefully it is said in a humorous way because no one really wants to know what I think as much as how I think.  In fact, I think that is enough about me…for now.

(The Amazing Jimbeaux is, was, and always will be Jim Chester of Pearl River, LA.  For more information, visit www.jimchester.com)

As of June ’08, Jimbeaux has also been posting original songs on another site.  To visit, click on www.godtube.com.  When you arrive, look for the search feature near the top right of the page.  Enter Jim Chester into the search box and make sure the drop down option is set to videos.  Click “search” and you will be directed to my collection of personal music videos.  Jimbeaux offers this warning, he is a songwriter, not a singer.  Persons with perfect pitch or an aversion to country music or Christian content should enter at their own risk.


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