If It Ain’t King James…

You’ve all seen the bumper sticker, “If it ain’t King James it ain’t the Bible.”  Ever think, “If you can’t spell ‘isn’t’ you shouldn’t be writing bumper stickers.”  I was in a King James only church some time ago and was directly challenged that if I quoted from any Bible other than King James I would be asked to leave.  I assured the pastor that in my program I didn’t quote the Bible, I only alluded to it.  But two days later I was to preach at a local church and, at 4:30 in the morning, it occurred to me that I did not know if THEY had a particular Bible preference.

I got up and researched my verse, Romans 8:28, in 5 different translations and, as you might expect, it read differently in each.  I even looked the verse up in the Reina Valera Actualizada (Spanish).  Then, for some reason, I turned to John 1:1 and read, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  Then it hit me; King James, NASB, NIV, Reina Valera are all Bibles but they are NOT the Word!  The Word was with God and the Word IS GOD!  So I looked up  John 1:1  in each of the five translations I had before me and guess what?  They all read exactly the same!  Even in Spanish it read the same, word for word, which is highly unusual when translating from one language to another.

So consider this, whatever translation you may have is only the Bible; it guides you to the Word of God, but the true Word IS GOD.  So it becomes irrelevant which Bible you use as long as it leads you to the true Word which is God.  Hmmmm.


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One Response to “If It Ain’t King James…”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Do people actually think that God only speaks and understands English …what about Christians in Korea or Mexico …they couldn’t understand the King James …come on people …open up!

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